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An African based non-profit organisation contributing to global and national efforts at widening access and deepening usage of financial services for people at the bottom of the social and economic pyramid. Drawing on the expertise of our membership, we shape policies, contribute to knowledge, develop and support solutions to effectively address market problems in the area of financial inclusion.

Our Vision

Our Vision

To create an Africa where people are able to access and use financial services to improve their lives

Our Values

Vision With Action

“Vision without action is a dream and action without vision is a waste of time”- Nelson Mandela
We believe that the solutions to many of Africa’s challenges can be found on the continent. There is enough knowledge on the continent to find workable solutions. Our role is to provide a platform for people who are poor, have worked with the poor and are passionate about finding solutions to help turn our collective vision into actions.


“It’s not about ideas, but about making ideas happen” -Scott Belsky
We believe that the digital revolution can accelerate the growth of African economies and improve the lives of people. Our role is to ensure that it does no harm to the people in the process.


“People with great passion can make the impossible happen.”- Unknown
We believe that is we bring people with a common passion together, we can provide solutions. Our role is to ensure there is integrity in character, honesty in their word and actions and dedication to the vision.