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We bring industry players together to discuss, take stock, and develop new ideas on how digital and mobile technologies can drive socioeconomic development for the mass market. Click To Know More
Working with governments across Africa, we support the drafting of data driven and market-based policies that enhances access to and usage of financial services for a vast majority of people digitally and financially excluded in line with global and national development priorities.
Working with development agencies and multilateral organisations, we undertake, commission, disseminate research to contribute to the pool of knowledge on a wide range of topics related to digital and financial inclusion in Africa
Working in partnership with private sector organisation, NGOs and regulators and government agencies, we support the delivery of key solutions and initiatives that promotes financial inclusion.
Drawing on our expertise and experience of our members, we deliver and support hands-on and tailored training courses to organisations desirous of building the capacity of their human resources to improve efficiency in delivering financial inclusion solutions.

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Join the Pan-African network of 1000+ professionals from diverse sectors working and collaborating to solve digital and financial exclusion on the continent.