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8th - 25th November 2020

In partnership with Akel Consult and Management Services (ACMS), we organized the African Fintech Outlook 2020. The occasion assembled experts and practitioners in the fintech industry from all over Africa, giving an avenue to discuss issues, setbacks, solutions and recommendations that will progressively contribute to the growth of the African Fintech industry.

14th -15th October 2020

We also partnered with Financial Inclusion Africa to organize the first Ghana Nigeria Fintech Summit. This event brought together leading speakers and experts from Ghana and Nigeria to discuss issues pertaining to regulation, policies, product innovation and development associated with financial technology in Ghana, Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

17th June, 2020

The Forum again partnered with GSMA to present the 2019 State of the Industry Report on Mobile Money.  This was our first completely virtual event, and attendance was both impressive and encouraging.

10th - 11th March, 2020

Mobile Technology For Development (MT4D) conference

Conference organized in collaboration with Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications (GCT). The MT4D Conference provided an opportunity for regulators, policy makers, finance service providers, fintechs, development professionals as well as prestigious government officials to come together to discuss issues affecting finance, technology and development.

3rd March, 2020

We partnered with the Financial Inclusion Forum, UK and the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSMA) to discuss Digital Financial Services for Forcibly Displaced Populations: Balancing Opportunities and Challenges.

The event took place at the GSMA premises in London, with people all over the world participating in the conversation via video conference


30th January, 2019

Digitizing Micro-Pensions: Challenges and Opportunities

23rd March, 2018

Financial Inclusion Networking Reception

Partner: Interpay

30th January, 2018

Behavioral Design and Testing for Financial Services

Partners: Interpay, Ideas 42


9th December, 2017

Fintech, Financial Inclusion and Development

Partners: Interpay, Impact Hub Accra, Interpay, Inclusive, Africa Fintech

10th November, 2017

Demand for Credit Risk Training for Financial Sector Providers

30th August, 2017

Applying Design Thinking to Fintech

Partner: CEIBS

29th April, 2017

Ghana National Inclusion Strategy and Development, Discussions with the Ministry of Finance.

Partner: Ministry of Finance and Impact Hub

19th April, 2017

Launch of Credit at the Cusp Report

Partner: FSDA.

17th March, 2017

Financial Inclusion Networking Reception

Partner: Interpay


5th November, 2016

Debate: Banks will beome irrelevant with the growth of fintechs

Partner: Impact Hub Ghana

27th April, 2016

Agency Banking: Experiences from Kenya and beyond

Partner Microsave

17th March, 2016

Inaugural Meeting

Partner: GIZ, FSDA